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More About the Stringwood Trio

  • The members of the Stringwood Trio have many years of experience performing at a diverse array of events such as weddings, holiday events, and public and private gatherings of all sorts.
  • We are well trained and experienced in both the classical and Celtic musical styles, and often blend the two styles to create a unique sound, which can be gentle or lively, respectfully serious or joyful.
  • With enough advance notice and sufficient time to prepare, we are able to play most musical requests. We are also willing to present our own suggestions and ideas, and to consult with potential clients to create a musical schedule appropriate to their own special occasion.   Click here for more information on special requests.
  • While we are well versed in many classical wedding standards, we are equally able to apply our skills in Celtic music to wedding ceremonies, and have a repertoire of Celtic pieces appropriate to processionals, recessionals and other ceremonial musical interludes. We currently have a demo tape available which showcases some of our Celtic and wedding music.
  • All three Trio members are accustomed to performing both indoors and out (weather permitting).

Most importantly, we all love music, and enjoy helping people make their special moments memorable ones.

For information on our current fees, click here.

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